Sell clothes on eBay: 5 ways to make a profit on your old threads

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If you want to clear out your wardrobe, eBay is a great place to do so fast – and make a profit. Here’s our advice on turning a tidy profit for your old clothes

1. Take good photos

What colour is #TheDress?

Clothes are all about looking good – so make sure you show your gladrags in the best light. Take the pictures in natural light if possible, with a simple background and a good camera. Check out eBay’s guide to uploading photos and tips from this photoblog.

2. Use a model

Buying clothes online is always a bit of a stab in the dark. You can show off clothes by asking a friend to model them for you, like this seller did. Or invest in a hanging mannequin for £5-£10. Adding some accessories will jazz up the photo and spark a buyer’s imagination.

3. Be clear

Kokomo Jr. the chimpanzee in 1957
Chimpanzee not included (Photo: Getty)

If your photo includes a model, make sure you say what part of the outfit is actually up for sale. Tell buyers whether the clothes are New With Tags (NWT), New Without Tags (NWOT), Excellent Used Condition (EUC) or more obviously used. Don’t forget size and gender. If you want to be really helpful, measure the clothes so buyers know exactly how big or small they are.

4. Find a selling point

With cut-price retailers like Primark taking the high street by storm, second hand clothes need to be special to stand out. Note any brand names, if it’s vintage (this usually applies to clothes over 20 years old) and any expensive material like wool or silk. You can sell less exciting clothes in bundles. Search completed listings to find out how much other sellers charged.

5. Package carefully

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Try delivering THIS (Photo: Splash)

It’s tempting to think clothes don’t need as much protection as something breakable, like china. But imagine if the parcel got soaked. This seller recommends a zip lock bag – other suggestions include tissue paper or bubble wrap.