1. Price

Price is so important to customers in today’s world. We see RepricerExpress as the best repricing tool on the market. It’s super-fast and cost-effective tool to help you increase your online sales and profit through competitive pricing. Sellers can freely customise pricing strategies with basic and advanced rules, set min and max prices to protect margins, bulk import and export filtered searches or templates to apply changes to pricing in a snap.

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2. Feedback

Feedback is a hot topic with Amazon sellers with Amazon recently introducing its customer dissatisfaction rate metric. Software tools such as FeedbackExpress can help you communicate better with your customers. You can email customer automatically to ask for a positive review. The software will also alert you when you get a negative review allowing you to take action quickly to minimise any disruption to your business.

Visit the FeedbackExpress website.

3. Finance

Kabbage provides financing to online sellers when they list products for sale, providing much-needed operating capital for small and medium businesses. The organisation leverages data generated through merchant activity across various marketplaces and channels to understand business performance and craft financing options that meet their needs.

Visit the Kabbage website.

4. Shipping

ShipWorks downloads orders from your online stores and makes it easy to get them shipped. You can use ShipWorks for custom invoices, pick lists, monthly reports, promotional emails, and all sorts of great stuff that you need to do after you make a sale.

Visit the ShipWorks website.

5. Tax

TaxJar is the leading technology solution for busy eCommerce sellers to manage sales tax and is trusted by more than 7,000 businesses. They were founded to help eCommerce merchants and developers spend less time on sales tax and more time growing the businesses they love.

Visit the TaxJar website.

6. Payments

Currencies Direct help online retailers like you to receive money from international marketplaces without having to worry about local bank accounts. Compared to online marketplaces, Currencies Direct clients can save up to 3% of the total sales value on exchange rates.

Visit the Currencies Direct website.

7. Listing Tools

Listing your products correctly will dictate whether you’re a successful seller. There are plenty of tools such as Google’s Keyword Tool which can help you identify what keywords you should include in your product title and product description.

Amazon sellers may also want to check out Merchant Words which has collected the top 20 million search phrases Amazon visitors use every day.

8. Sourcing

Finding the right products to sell on Amazon is a crucial part of a sellers’ ecommerce journey. If you need a helping hand with sourcing, ProfitSourcery is an online seller tool that provides you with a list of profitable items to sell on Amazon.

Visit the ProfitSourcery website.

9. Advertising

Facebook is no longer just a place to catch up with your friends and see baby photos, it’s also a great platform for you to advertise your goods and products. As well as having your own business page, you can use adverts to help promote products and drive traffic to your site.

You decide on a budget and choose a target audience based on interest and geographical location. You can even choose to boost a popular post.

Visit the Facebook Advertising website.

10. Customer Service

Having great customer service is vital for customer retention. If you’re a large seller looking for customer service software, we love the Groove product which is a simple online helpdesk solution.

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11. Amazon Seller App

The Amazon Seller App is a free app and a useful tool if you’re looking to do retail arbitrage on Amazon. You can also use to list items, contact Amazon, respond to customers, check current price sales rank and your feedback.

Get the Amazon Seller app (Android).

12. Price Scouting

CamelCamelCamel is another useful free tool which monitors the prices of products on Amazon, sales levels and more. You can set-up price and availability alerts and prices are updated continuously from Amazon. It’s also available as a browser add-on called The Camelizer which makes it easy to view the price history of any product sold by our supported retailers.