5 Ways to Start a Side Business Without Quitting Your Job

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If you are thinking of becoming your own boss or starting your brand to make some money without quitting your current job, there are several ways of converting your abilities and things you do for fun into money.

Online business has its advantages and problems as well. It is imperative to note that the process of starting a business, offline or online takes determination, gut, hard work, and patience. Millions of individuals have taken the bold step of working for themselves; we also believe that the application of the appropriate ideas and adequate capital will do the magic for you as well.

Starting a business is not a bed of roses, and the success does not happen overnight. In this write-up, we have compiled a series of proven methods you can apply to start your business without leaving your present job as it will offer you an idea of the product or business model that suits your way of life.


You may be thinking of publishing your book and lost about how to start the procedure. Your desire could be having your name among the list of award-winning bestsellers, and you lack the right tools to make your dream come true; there is no need to worry as it is easy to publish your book.

There are several ways to publish your book without stress irrespective of the content of the book. You could write a science fiction novel or a picture book for kids or a marketing guide for business owners.

The procedure is made more straightforward as you can publish your text as an e-book with the help of a digital download application and other renowned printing services like CreateSpace and Blurb. Taking advantage of these features will help you to sell your book to a broader audience online and realize the dream of becoming a published author without leaving your current job.

Selling of e-books through your online store is made more comfortable with the application of Digital Downloads application, as it offers you the opportunity to save your digital files as products. When customers buy your e-books, the product will be sent to them as a download link or through electronic mail.

On the other hand, selling physical copies of your book requires placing an order with CreateSpace or Blurb when customers buy your book. This gives you the opportunity to be in charge of the storage and fulfillment procedure of your books as you print the books as you wish.

Publish your own book
Publish your own book



You are wrong if you think you need a warehouse before you can start this type of business. If you have a reasonable budget, dropshipping can be a unique business model for you as you can buy a product from a supplier and handle the process of packaging and fulfillment of orders.

Using this method will help you to overcome several bottlenecks that could inhibit the starting of your business. It is also crucial to evade the risk that there will be an absence of demand for your product when a substantial amount of order has been placed with your supplier or the producer of the product.

Launch a dropshipping store
Launch a dropshipping store



You might not understand the importance of your art until you come online to exchange it for money. It is critical to make money from your creativity and sell your art in the process; there are various means to start your business and convert your innovative idea into a source of income with an excellent e-commerce website. Your talent could be singing, painting, artist or taking photographs.

For instance, if you are proficient in painting, you can take advantage of Printfy or Printful to sell your work as canvases, framed posters, and prints. This is a unique method of making your art an integral part of the lives of your clients. If you are a musician, you can sell your songs, beats, samples, and other music files as digital download to your clientele.

For instance, The Drum Broker, the biggest online drum business in the world has been able to build a thriving and viable business model with the use of applications such as ShipStation and FetchApp.



Individuals can start their careers as developers, authors, and graphic designers according to their proficiencies. You can utilize your talents to offer help to several people across the globe by providing solutions to their problems and also make money for yourself in the process.

Freelancing does not entail wasting your time on projects for months which deprive you of your leisure time. You can choose assignments that suit your plan and enable you to work on your terms. You can register on freelance websites like Upwork and Fiverr to begin your career as a freelancer.

Kindly note that Fiverr is different from a conventional job board where job offers are listed, you should note that published tasks are sold for five dollars as the name suggests. If you want to make more money on Fiverr, you need to create your offers in such a way that you can ask for more money from customers to work on their projects.


One of the best methods to earn residual income is by teaching an online course. You are required to create a comprehensive video solution that offers a thorough explanation of a topic that you understand and host the information on your website.

It takes concerted efforts to create a premium, popular video tutorial series; making residual income is more comfortable when more people register for your course.

You can begin the process by creating your first online course by working on a topic that you understand correctly and have the knowledge to teach people how to work on it themselves. The series could be on topics like web development, graphics design, music production, social media marketing, etc.

You can make use of a screencasting application like ScreenFlow to record your screen and voice as you offer your students guidance in the tutorial series. You can also take advantage of the built-in video editing suite of ScreenFlow to capture and edit your videos.